Who’s Ahmedullah Aziz

June 1st, 2022

Headshot of Ahmedullah Aziz in the Student Union on August 05, 2019. Photo by Steven Bridges/University of Tennessee

Ahmedullah Aziz

Assistant Professor

University of Tennessee Knoxville



Personal webpage


Research interests

Cryogenic Electronics, Beyond-CMOS Technologies, Neuromorphic Hardware, Superconducting Devices/Circuits, VLSI

Short bio

Dr. Ahmedullah Aziz is an Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA. He earned his Ph.D. in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Purdue University in 2019, an MS degree in Electrical Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University (University Park) in 2016, and a BS degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET) in 2013. Before beginning his graduate studies, Dr. Aziz worked in the ‘Tizen Lab’ of the Samsung R&D Institute in Bangladesh as a full-time Engineer. During graduate education, he worked as a Co-Op Engineer (Intern) in the Technology Research division of Global Foundries (Fab 8, NY, USA). He received several awards and accolades for his research, including the ‘ACM SIGDA Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation Award (2021)’ from the Association of Computing Machinery, ‘EDAA Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation Award (2020)’ from the European Design and Automation Association, ‘Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award (2019)’ from the College of Engineering, Purdue University, and ‘Icon’ award from Samsung (2013). He was a co-recipient of two best publication awards (2015, 2016) from the SRC-DARPA STARnet Center and the best project award (2013) from CNSER. In addition, he received several scholarships and recognition for academic excellence, including – Dean’s Award, JB Gold Medal, and Chairman’s Award. He is a technical program committee (TPC) member for multiple flagship conferences (including DAC, ISCAS, GLSVLSI, Nano) and a reviewer for several journals from reputed publishers (IEEE, AIP, Elsevier, Frontiers, IOP Science, Springer Nature). He served as a review panelist for the US Department of Energy (DOE) and a guest editor for – ‘Frontiers in Nanotechnology’, ‘Photonics’, and ‘Micromachines’.

Reasearch highlights

Dr. Aziz is an expert in device-circuit co-design and electronic design automation (EDA). His research laid the foundation for physics-based and semi-physical compact modeling of multiple emerging device technologies, including – Mott switches, oxide memristors, ferroelectric transistors, Josephson Junctions, cryotrons, topological memory/switches, and so on. His exemplary contributions to the field of low-power electronics have been internationally recognized through two prestigious distinguished dissertation awards by (i) the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) – 2021 and (ii) European Design and Automation Association (EDAA) – 2020. His research portfolio comprises multiple avenues of exploratory nanoelectronics, spanning from device modeling to circuit/array design. In addition, Dr. Aziz has been a trailblazer in cryogenic memory technologies, facilitating critical advancements in quantum computing systems and space electronics. His works on memristive (room-temperature) and superconducting (cryogenic) neuromorphic systems have paved the way for dense, reconfigurable, and bio-plausible computing hardware.