SIGDA members are eligible for reduced registration rates to SIGDA-sponsored events as well as reduced subscription rates to our journal, ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems. In addition, SIGDA members are eligible to apply for the various professional development programs sponsored by SIGDA and run by SIGDA volunteers, such as:

  • Ph.D. Forum at DAC, DATE and ASPDAC (annually)
  • Design Automation Summer School at DAC (annually)
  • University Research Demonstration at DAC (annually)
  • ACM Student Research Competition at ICCAD (annually)
  • CADathlon at ICCAD (annually)
  • Webinar series SIGDA LIVE
  • Design Automation Summer School
  • Young Faculty and EDA Education Workshops

Membership in the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is not required. If you are an EDA professional, consider joining ACM/SIGDA – the resource for EDA professionals. Join here online!

Call for Volunteers

SIGDA supports various events such as – the University Research Demonstration (URD) that helps to foster interactions between students and industry; Design Automation Summer School (DASS) that exposes students to trending topics; Young Faculty and EDA Education Workshops (YFEEW); Ph.D. and Student Research Forums in conjunction with major conferences (DAC, DATE, and ASP-DAC), design contests such as CAD Athlon. SIGDA also administrates Student Research Competition (SRC) on behalf of ACM at ICCAD. Very recently, SIGDA has launched new programs such as SIGDA Live, a series of monthly webinars on topics of general interest to the SIGDA community and a more global E-Newsletter with a newly formed editorial board.
A normal organization committee of SIGDA-sponsored/associated events and programs includes three members, of which one member is rotated every year. SIGDA now invites applications for the volunteers of the following events and programs: URD, DASS, YFEEW, Ph.D. and Student Research Forums at DAC and ASP-DAC, CADatholon, and SRC. Please include your primary and secondary interests of the events/programs and a short bio in your application package and send it to Applications received after the deadline will also be considered if the position is not yet filled. For more information about SIGDA-sponsored/associated events and programs, please refer to: