Diversity is a critical driver of innovation and leads to more robust problem-solving and creativity in engineering and computer science. The ACM SIGDA is committed to advancing diversity and supporting a vibrant and diverse group of professionals within the design and design automation community. To help accomplish this mission, we have formed the SIGDA Diversity Committee, introduced SIGDA Diversity Advancement Grants. We also welcome proposals about programs to better enhance diversity in EDA.

SIGDA Diversity Committee 

Evangeline Young — ChairCUHK
Iris BaharBrown Univ.
Laleh BehjatUniv. of Calgary
Patrick GroeneveldCadence
Iris JiangNational Taiwan Univ.
Sashi ObilisettySynopsys
Raewadee ParnmukhSiFive
Laura PozziUSI
Ricardo ReisUFRGS
Ulf SchlichtmannTUM
Xuan ZengFudan Univ.

SIGDA Diversity Advancement Grants 2019-2020

The SIGDA Diversity Advancement Grants are provided to students who are traveling to the SIGDA sponsored conferences. These awards are intended to increase the participation and inclusion of under-represented groups in SIGDA and support student success.

Value:  Conference student registration fee + traveling expenses*
Number: 8
Eligibility:· Full-time students (studying for Bachelor, Master or Ph.D. degree)
· Offered annually to students who are attending SIGDA sponsored conferences.
· Students should not receive duplicated funding from different sources.
· Successful applicants need to submit a report of not less than 800 words to the SIGDA Diversity Committee after attending the conference.
Where Tenable:SIGDA sponsored conferences
Apply: Online application
Deadline:  Before 31th August 2020 and at least one month before the event
(for conferences from Oct 1, 2019 to Sept 30, 2020)
Selection Criteria: Publications in the conference is not required. Selection will be made by the SIGDA Diversity Committee based on scholarship merit and demonstrated commitment to support diversity.
Remark:Applicants are encouraged to join the SIGDA membership

*The amount will be actual expense related: USD 800, USD 400 and USD 100 respectively for long, medium and short distance travel.

Call For Proposal

The SIGDA Diversity Committee welcomes proposals and ideas on how to better enhance diversity in EDA and to encourage more participants from under-represented groups in engineering and design automation in particular. There is no limit in terms of format, and we want to see new and impactful ideas. Please send your proposals to the committee at dc.sigda{at}gmail.com detailing the timing, content, and budget of the events or activities.

Recent CEDA/SIGDA DivEDA Forum

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