Who’s Who

Executive Committee

ChairXiaobo Sharon Hu
Vice Chair and Conference ChairJoerg Henkel
Past ChairVijaykrishnan Narayanan
Award ChairDavid Pan
Finance ChairHelen Li
Technical Activity ChairYiran Chen
Education ChairYiyu Shi

Advisory Board Members Acting as Conference Representatives 

DACVijaykrishnan Narayanan
ICCADSri Parameswaran
DATEJoerg Henkel
ASPDACMasanori Hashimoto
EEWEEKAviral Shrivastava

SIGDA Members in Charge of Programs 

TODAES EICNaehyuck Chang
DA Summer SchoolEli Bozorgzadeh
SIGDA E-NewsletterDebjit Sinha, Keni Qiu
CADathlonMyung-Chul Kim
DAC Ph.D. ForumSudeep Pasricha
DATE Ph.D. ForumRolf Drechsler
ASPDAC Ph.D. ForumYiran Chen
Student Research CompetitionBei Yu
University Research DemonstrationQi Zhu
DAC Early Career WorkshopJinjun Xiong, Chengmo Yang, Marco Santambrogio, Javier Picorel
SIGDA LIVEYiyu ShiQinru Qiu

SIGDA Industrial Committee 

Patrick Haspel — ChairCadence
Sameer PujariAMD
Rajiv DhawanSamsung
Vivek DeIntel
Rob AitkenARM
Yervant ZorianSynopsys

ACM Staff Acting as Program Director(s) for SIGDA

Donna Cappo
Association for Computing Machinery
2 Penn Plaza, Suite 701
New York, NY, 10121
212-626-0614 (p)
212-302-5826 (f)
All general SIGDA activities, SIGDA program manager

Website Administrator

Bei Yu

Interested in becoming a Volunteer of SIGDA?

Please send an email to us indicating the particular role of interest, meanwhile attaching resume.

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