The 31st ACM SIGDA University Demonstration at DAC 2021

Date: December 6, 2021
Location: Virtual

The SIGDA University Demonstration (UD, previously known as University Booth) at the Design Automation Conference is an opportunity for university researchers to showcase their results and to interact with participants at DAC. Presenters and attendees at DAC are especially encouraged to participate, but participation is open to all members of the university community. The demonstrations include new EDA tools, EDA tool applications, design projects, and instructional materials. Top demonstrations will be given “University Demo Best Demonstration” and “University Demo Best Demonstration, Honorable Mention” awards along with modest cash prizes. UD is virtually co-located with DAC; DAC registration is not required to attend this event.


Session Ⅰ – December 6, 2021 10AM-11AM Pacific Time

1.1A Study to Reduce Power Dissipation and Impact Ionization Effect in CMOS Design TechnologyJay Wamne, Gaurav Patil and Kajal Singh
1.2Hardware/Software Co-Design Frameworks for Deep Learning AcceleratorsWeiwen Jiang, Lei Yang, Zheyu Yan, Qing Lu, Jingtong Hu and Yiyu Shi
1.3HotSpot 7.0: An enhanced Compact Thermal modeling for 3DIC cooling solution explorationJun-Han Han, Robert E. West, Xinfei Guo, Kevin Skadron and Mircea Stan
1.4Level Scaling and Pulse Regulating Methods to Mitigate Cycle-to-cycle Variation in Memristor Based Learning SystemMd. Oli-Uz-Zaman, Saleh Ahmad Khan, Zhiheng Liao, Jingyan Fu, Yong Wang and Jinhui Wang
1.5ALIGN: Open-Source Analog Layout Automation FlowYaguang Li, Yishuang Lin, Kishor Kunal, Meghna Madhusudan and Arvind Sharma
1.6A Power System FACT Controller Implementation using Deep Learning TechniquesPrincy Singh

Session II – December 6, 2021 11AM-Noon Pacific Time

2.1Experimental Demonstration of STT-MRAM based Nonvolatile Instantly On/Off Systems for Low Power IoT ApplicationsYueting Li, Wang Kang, Kunyu Zhou, Keni Qiu and Weisheng Zhao
2.2High-Precision Self-Assessment of Wound Using Smartphone and Light SensorHuining Li, Wenhan Zheng, Chenhan Xu, Jun Xia and Wenyao Xu
2.3PACT: An Extensible Parallel Thermal Simulator for Emerging Integration and Cooling TechnologiesZihao Yuan, Prachi Shukla, Sofiane Chetoui, Carlton Knox, Sean Nemtzow, Sherief Reda and Ayse Coskun
2.4Virtual FPGA LabM Bala Dhinesh, Steve Hoover, Akos Hadnagy and Mayank Kabra
2.5Block Based Circuit DesignNinad Jangle, Gayatri Mehta, Steve Hoover and Adam Ratzman
2.6An Improved Genetic Algorithm for Yearly Profit Maximization of Wind Power Generation SystemPrasun Bhattacharjee, Rabin K. Jana and Somenath Bhattacharya

Judge Deliberation and Award Announcement – December 6, 2021 Noon-12:30 pm Pacific Time

Organizing Committee

  • Chair: Wenchao Li (Boston University)
  • Vice Chair: Fan Chen (Indiana University Bloomington)
  • Publicity Chair: Umamaheswara Rao Tida (North Dakota State University)