Resource and data optimization for hardware implementation of deep neural networks
targeting FPGA-based edge devices

  • Liu

Recently, as machine learning algorithms have become more practical, there has been
much effort to implement them on edge devices that can be used in our daily lives.
However, unlike server-scale devices, edge devices are relatively small and thus have

A study of optimal cost-skew tradeoff and remaining suboptimality in interconnect
tree constructions

  • Han

Cost and skew are among the most fundamental objectives for interconnect tree synthesis.
The cost-skew tradeoff is particularly important in buffered clock tree construction,
where clock subnets are an important “sweet spot” for balancing on-chip …

A design framework for processing-in-memory accelerator

  • Gao

With increasing performance mismatch between processor and memory, “memory wall” has
become the bottleneck of the entire computing system. In order to bridge the gap,
processing-in-memory (PIM) has been revisited as a viable option to overcome the …

Fast and precise routability analysis with conditional design rules

  • Kang

As pin accessibility encounters more challenges due to the less number of tracks,
higher pin density, and more complex design rules, routability has become one bottleneck
of sub-10nm designs. Thus, we need a new design methodology for fast turnaround in …

Adaptive sensitivity analysis with nonlinear power load modeling

  • Hsu

Voltage fluctuation in power networks is a critical issue for VLSI designs. The analysis
and optimization of the voltage drops rely on accurate sensitivity calculation. Due
to the high complexity of large-scale circuits, in practice active devices are …

Exploiting PDN noise to thwart correlation power analysis attacks in 3D ICs

  • Dofe

Three-dimensional (3D) integration is envisioned as a natural defense to thwart side-channel
analysis (SCA) attacks. However, there lack extensive studies on the unique feature
of 3D power distribution network (PDN) noise and its impact on the …