A. Richard Newton Young Student Fellowship

In honor of the memory of Dr. A. Richard Newton, the A. Richard Newton Young Student Fellow program encourages students to join the electronic design automation field and/or consider graduate studies in this field. In each year, the program sponsors 60-70 students to participate various technical activities at the Design Automation Conference.
Each selected fellow will receive a full free DAC conference registration, including tutorials, along with a travel award that can cover travel, lodging, and incidentals. As a group, the awardee will participate in the following activities at DAC:

  • Kickoff breakfast meeting on Sunday morning.
  • Participate in the Design Automation Summer School on Sunday.
  • Selected conference sessions, including sessions with Best Paper Award nominations
  • Poster presentation introducing each Fellow (either current research, or relevant coursework/projects) during the DAC student event on Tuesday evening.
  • Attendance at the Awards Session
  • Attendance at the closing session during the Thursday evening reception.
  • Use social media (tweets, facebook, linkedIn, etc.) to provide timely news, photos and feedback on events during DAC. Students are expected to blog at least twice daily.

More details about submission format and details: DAC website.