Distinguished Speaker

ACM Distinguished Speaker Program (DSP): Apply to become an ACM SIGDA Candidate

ACM SIGDA is pleased to offer the opportunity to apply to become an ACM Distinguished Speaker in the fields represented by ACM SIGDA.  Being part of the DSP is a way of giving back to the community, as well as inspiring the next generation of computing professionals.


The nomination for a candidate or a self-nomination must include the following:

  • CV/Resume
  • Personal URL
  • Recent talks/short courses/presentations within the last three years, please include approximate audience size
  • URL to LinkedIn profile
  • URL to recent talk slides
  • URL to a lecture video
  • Nomination letter of Support
  • Optional: Reference letters

A pre-requisite for becoming a DSP are a minimum of 5 years experience (either in academia or industry or a combination of both).


The SIGDA Executive Committee (EC) will review the application and if accepted, will forward the application to the ACM DSP Committee as a SIGDA nominee. Each DSP Committee member will review the application and decide on the acceptability of the SIGDA nominee.

Kindly note, that the ACM DSP Speaker term will be for three years.


ACM SIGDA welcomes applications twice a year. Deadlines dates: May 31 and Dec. 15th of each year.

Application material should be sent to SIGDA-DSP@acm.org.

Further Information

For more information please contact SIGDA-DSP@acm.org or check the complete policies about the ACM Distinguished Speaker program at: https://speakers.acm.org/about/policies, which provides you with travel guidelines, financial guidelines and tips for speakers.