ACM Student Research Competition at ICCAD 2018 (SRC@ICCAD’18) DEADLINE: September 02, 2018 Online Submission: Sponsored by Microsoft Research, the ACM Student Research Competition is an internationally recognized venue enabling undergraduate and graduate students who are ACM members to: Experience the research world — for many undergraduates this is a first! Share research results and exchange ideas with other […]


Full Citation in the ACM Digital Library Fast Estimations of Failure Probability Over Long Time Spans Michail Noltsis Panayiotis Englezakis Eleni Maragkoudaki Chrysostomos Nicopoulos Dimitrios Rodopoulos Francky Catthoor Yiannakis Sazeides Davide Zoni Dimitrios Soudris Shrinking of device dimensions has undoubtedly enabled the very large scale integration of transistors on electronic chips. However, it has also […]


Full Citation in the ACM Digital Library SESSION: Machine Learning – Inference Value-driven Synthesis for Neural Network ASICs Zhiyuan Yang Ankur Srivastava In order to enable low power and high performance evaluation of neural network (NN) applications, we investigate new design methodologies for synthesizing neural network ASICs (NN-ASICs). An NN-ASIC takes a trained NN and […]


Full Citation in the ACM Digital Library A fast thermal-aware fixed-outline floorplanning methodology based on analytical models Jai-Ming Lin Tai-Ting Chen Yen-Fu Chang Wei-Yi Chang Ya-Ting Shyu Yeong-Jar Chang Juin-Ming Lu High temperature or temperature non-uniformity have become a serious threat to performance and reliability of high-performance integrated circuits (ICs). Thermal effect becomes a non-ignorable […]

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Full Citation in the ACM Digital Library LAMA: Link-Aware Hybrid Management for Memory Accesses in Emerging CPU-FPGA Platforms Liang Feng Jieru Zhao Tingyuan Liang Sharad Sinha Wei Zhang To satisfy increasing computing demands, heterogeneous computing platforms are gaining attention, especially CPU-FPGA platforms. Recently, emerging tightly coupled CPU-FPGA platforms with shared coherent caches (such as the […]


ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems The ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems (TODAES) is the premier journal that publishes recent significant results of research and development efforts in the area of design automation of electronic systems. The TODAES editorial board invites submission of technical papers describing recent results of research […]


The SIGDA Electronic Newsletter, E-Newsletter, is the main resource for the EDA professional, disseminating news and upcoming events in the general areas of Design Automation and related domains. The E-Newsletter was started in late 2002, replacing the printed version.The E-Newsletter is distributed monthly on the 1st of each month. It includes several sections of interest […]


ACM/SIGDA Sponsored, Co-Sponsored, or In-Cooperation Events Sponsored/Co-Sponsored Conferences: ASPDAC: Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference(January) :: FPGA: International Symposium on Field Programmable Gate Arrays(February) :: TAU: International Workshop on Timing Issues in the Specification and Synthesis of Digital Systems(February) :: DATE: Design, Automation and Test in Europe(March) :: ISPD: International Symposium on Physical Design(April) […]


Service Awards SIGDA has restructured its service awards, and will be giving two annual service awards. Distinguished Service Award: The SIGDA Distinguished Service Award is given to individuals who have dedicated many years of their career in extraordinary services to promoting, leading, or creating ACM/SIGDA programs or events. Meritorious Service Award: The SIGDA Meritorious Service […]


A. Richard Newton Young Student Fellowship In honor of the memory of Dr. A. Richard Newton, the A. Richard Newton Young Student Fellow program encourages students to join the electronic design automation field and/or consider graduate studies in this field. In each year, the program sponsors 60-70 students to participate various technical activities at the […]